Patient experiences that go beyond the chair

Power-up! Turn your patients into practice brand ambassadors with gamified treatment compliance and engaged membership experiences

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Thousands of practices, and the teams that power them, trust Patient Rewards Hub

The Patient Experience Platform

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Your patients need a place to belong—give them a membership. A customer data platform with heart and community.

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Referrals power reputation, and with the Hub, collecting both is only a click away.


A marketplace of engagement awaits. Contests, surveys, games, promotions, and fresh ideas in a turn-key library just for you.


Success needs process. Gamified compliance and rewards help you
and your team help your patients to succeed.

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You’re more than just a practice. We help you expand to an app, a microsite, a shopping experience and a digital Hub of fun.


Everything is automated. From software integrations to prize fulfillment, The Hub doesn’t disrupt workflow—it enhances it.

Membership creates connection.

Enhance your patient experience

The heart of the Hub is the membership. By giving your patients a place to belong, you create more opportunities to connect and engage outside the walls of your office.

Applaud and shape positive behavior with rewards points. From on-time arrivals to appliance wear to keeping their appointments, you control how your patients are rewarded.

Keep your patients plugged into the practice. With the Patient Rewards Hub app, you and your team are able to ping, nudge, and chat with your patients in between appointments.

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Reputation powers referrals

The best people know the best people! Turn your patients into practice brand ambassadors and leverage their extensive networks through customizable referral and ambassador programs. New patients are only a tap and a click away.

Build your brand online and collect powerful reviews and testimonials from your happiest customers. Share them to spread the word.

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Gamified treatment leads to success

Compliance, close the loop! Activity Loops is our gamified habit tracker that helps patients build and reinforce healthy habits. Using behavioral science, nudges and play we drive faster treatment completion times and stronger engagement

Leave the creating, managing, and scheduling to us. The Hub marketplace is full of engagement-driving contests, surveys and social media that will save you time and money and elevate your brand experience.

It’s time to digitize your prize closet! Your patients redeem their points for prizes using our vast library of gift cards to their favorite store and we handle fulfillment of all orders. Do you want to offer in-office prizes like T-shirts, swag or gift cards to local vendors? Use the Hub as an inventory tracker.

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The Hub rewards success & delivers results.

Points given to patients for outstanding habits


The increase from pre-treatment to active treatment for practices who incorporate their obs patients into the program


Number of hours saved per month utilizing our content marketplace of contests, surveys and social media


So many problems? One simple solution.

Patient rewards & recognition

Treatment compliance

Prize fulfillment

Inventory tracking

Contests, surveys & games

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Automate for birthdays & celebrations

Referral & ambassador programs

Reputation management

Social media content & scheduler

Custom marketing collateral

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